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A self-proclaimed late bloomer, Amy Black started her music career in Boston and in a relatively short time developed into a national touring artist. As a vocalist and songwriter, she explored genres including folk, country and Americana, but her Southern roots led her to what she does best — blues, classic R&B, soul and gospel.

Amy's love of many classic forms of American music, including blues, country, soul, jazz, and rock n' roll led her from Muscle Shoals...and, most recently, to Memphis to record with members of the Hi rhythm section (Al Green's backing band). 

While always drawn to singers of soul, blues and gospel, it wasn't until Amy began exploring her own southern roots for her third album, The Muscle Shoals Sessions, that she knew her next project had to be made in the place where blues and soul converge (and where she herself was conceived); where Al Green, Otis Redding and so many others turned grit and groove into some of the world's most beloved tunes. Black then hunted down several top musical architects to help her lay down the sound she wished to make -- the sound of Memphis

Her new album, Memphis, puts Black — already considered “a bluesy, R&B heavy hitter” by Elmore magazine — on the same continuum as soul sisters from Dusty Springfield, Ann Peebles and Mavis Staples to Bonnie Raitt and Shelby Lynne.  

The album was produced and engineered by Scott Bomar, the Grammy-nominated, Emmy-winning producer and leader of the Bo-Keys. The players on the album include members of the Hi Records and Stax rhythm sections.

"Recording albums in Muscle Shoals and Memphis and then performing this music live for several years was an incredible experience. It brought out another side of my voice that I didn't know was there and gave me the chance to put my guitar down and just dance and sing. There's something very freeing about that," say Amy.

"Black's new record is Memphis, a soulful and swinging collection of seven originals plus three covers of songs by legendary artists. Released on her own label Reuben Records, the aptly titled album shines a light on Black's love for the iconic city that has been home to some of the greatest blues, soul, country and rock 'n' roll ever produced.” —CHICAGO TRIBUNE


“Expertly crafted and passionately sung, Amy Black’s Memphis is worth visiting again and again.” —LIVING BLUES


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